The Art Of Transformation

Only by engaging in the unknown, and facing your dragon can you experience true renewal and transformation. When we remain in our realm of comfort, we become conformed to a pattern of stagnation. The conceptualization of renewal that the apostle Paul proposed is only accomplished when we move beyond our pattern of normality, and… Continue reading The Art Of Transformation


Re-Examining Goals

New Year’s is upon us, and so is the traditional necessity for resolutions, or goals which brings about the demand of re-examination. A constant re-examination of the goals you have set is essential for success and growth. Although we seek a linear path to our desired outcome, more than often we find ourselves meandering our… Continue reading Re-Examining Goals


Trial, Error And Growth

Trial and error are apart of growth. As we grow throughout life, we should learn from our mistakes and come to minimize them, and that is true wisdom. In the book of Proverbs it speaks about how a wise man will continue to learn, and that though he would fall seven times, he would get… Continue reading Trial, Error And Growth


The Pride of The Modern Church

Much of the issue that we find within the church as well as throughout society as a whole today is rooted within pride. Here, hatred and envy manifest themselves ultimately producing division and exile. We see churches and other groups gather together in an almost cultish manner while others seeking acceptance feeling excluded and alienated.… Continue reading The Pride of The Modern Church


Finding Potential In The Midst Of Chaos

Taking the easiest route in life maybe the most conservative, and yet the most unfulfilling. Purpose and meaning are often times manifested within the realm of chaos when you trail off the path of security. In this realm is where the potential for success lies and where order can be created. Only in this realm… Continue reading Finding Potential In The Midst Of Chaos


The Rise Of The Cultish Church

Where is the love of Christ? Today many churches are either exhibiting cultish characteristics that shuns anyone that thinks remotely different than them or they promote the concept that one doesn't have to live a life that is pleasing to God, but rather pursue whatever they "feel" is right within their hearts. How did Jesus… Continue reading The Rise Of The Cultish Church


Where Is God?

Two and a half years ago my wife and I found out our daughter had ALL Leukemia. I vividly remember the moment of this knowledge administration with it's ultimately terrifying sensation that vibrated throughout our bodies and minds. More terror and anxiety were to come as they began to explain what the next two years… Continue reading Where Is God?

End Time Update

End Time Update: Climate Change

Could the UN be using climate change in a radical manner to help give them more control and power by imputing greater fear within the hearts and minds of citizens? -Michael Thacker Help Support This Blog