Venturing Into The Unknown

After years of racing professional motocross and doing other odd in things I have conjured up a fear of venturing too far out and trying something new. I believe many people can relate to me on this fear except we might just experience the same fear in a different way. Maybe you’re stuck at a job you hate or perhaps you’ve never been anywhere, but would love to venture out and experience something new.


I believe as well that the good Lord does not intend us to just sit back and ponder a better scenario. He does not just want us to live in misery and somehow find the good in it (although there are times to learn contentment in all circumstances). There are times that God wants us to venture out into the unknown in order to truly express our faith in Him. Now of course when we do venture out we need to make sure we are really leaning upon the Lord to help us and that He has called us to venture out.

Venturing out helps us come closer to the Lord as the unknown circumstances and scenarios cause us to have to rely on Him more than ever before. My advice for you, depending on your circumstances, is if you truly feel the calling to venture out and change things in life, then just do it and ask the Lord to help you along the way! Sometimes we just need to take the leap of faith forward into the new horizon. Hold nothing back and leap and leap with all your might while being empowered with the Holy Spirit.

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When we venture out the unknown can look like mountains, but God will make them into plains. I am not saying that there will not be hard times, but rather He will help us make it through those hard times and make us better through them. We can not focus on the difficulties, so to speak, but rather focus on the opportunities and take calculated risk along with some unknown risk. Let’s not keep hurting and hindering ourselves because of fear of failure, but rather let’s move forward in faith and hope and glorify the Lord through it all.

-Michael Thacker

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