Trying To Drill Through The Mountain

As humans, anytime we seek to achieve anything worth having we want it as quick as possible, and when I say quick I mean quick. We are impatient when it comes to anything in life especially when it comes to what we want. In today’s quick fix, rich quick, instant upload society, we believe it’s ours and we want it now!


Progress and process is a mountain whether it be schooling, new career, or the like we must climb the large mountain in order to achieve the goal. Today with so many self help books and instant success statuses, we believe that we can get by without having to climb the mountain.

We believe we can just drill straight through the mountain and be on the other side with a big smile of so called achievement. But this is an illusion and not God’s plan for our life. Jesus said we can move mountains with the faith of a mustard seed, but sometimes the good Lord wants us to climb while relying on Him to get us through. When we climb the mountain and reach the top we then glorify and please the Lord the most.

Watch: Stop Running From God

Life itself is a mountain range and there is not just one single mountain to be climbed. We can spend all our energy trying to drill and cheat our way through and ultimately never really accomplish anything for ourselves or for the Lord. Or we can climb up our own Mount Sinai and reach the top where the Lord awaits us.

I just wanted to ramble a little this morning while encouraging you to take everything moment by moment with God. Don’t rely on your own strengthen, but in all your ways acknowledge the Lord. Don’t follow the pattern of the world and try and drill through the mountain that God has called you to climb, but rather climb it empowered by the Holy Spirit and thus glorify the Father. Have a wonderful day and God bless!

-Michael Thacker

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