Do Not Let People Tell You That You Can Not Do It

There are times in life where we need to listen to advice from others and heed to good advice especially from elders. But there are also times when advice is not advice, and instead it is harmful criticism to stop you from achieving what you feel called to achieve. People tend to give this type of advice due to a multitude of reasons not limited to the following, jealousy, envy, getting what they want, selfishness and the list goes on.


How do we know when people are giving us wrong advice? There are a few ways of determining this. People tend to talk down to you when they are giving bad advice, deeming you are stupid or inadequate, this is a for sure sign to just nod while letting the so called advice go through one ear and out the other. People who use this tactic are usually selfish and prideful individuals and someone in which you should stand clear of when talking about ideas or inspiration.

“Do not be deceived:”Evil company corrupts good habits.” (Corinthians 15:33NKJV)

Another tactic is by telling you that your idea won’t work and that really the only ideas that are of any value are the ones that are centered either around them or their interest only. These people too have issues of selfishness and should be excluded during talks of ideas and inspiration.

Unfortunately the list could go on forever on what and who to watch out for. One of the best ways to really understand your ideas and other peoples feed back is also by the numbers. If more people tell you that the idea is great while a small number tells you no, then it is pretty obvious that it is a good idea, but of course this approach even has its downfalls.


Wanting me to get to the point and answer yet? OK, here it is, go with your gut while leaning on God and utilizing both your logic and surrounding resources. This is the absolute best way to understand a good idea and venture. Take people’s advice along with what the word of God tells us. Do the research needed to see whether an idea will work and at the end of the day you still feel the pull, then go for it!

There will always be people that will try and shoot down your ideas, and unfortunately these shooters can be close people. But at the end of the day it is not “them” that are pursuing it. It is not themselves who are putting in the hard work and it is not their dream. Your dream means that it is all YOU at the end of the day along with the loving Father at your side.

There are times to listen and heed advice, and there are times to move forward through the negativity. We are not here to please man, but rather to please the Lord. We are not here to impress people and care what others think about us. The Lord knows are thoughts and is here to help us further His kingdom and to shape us to accomplish His work.

“Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong.” (1 Corinthians 16:13).

Go for what you feel called to do by conducting the correct research, seeking advice (carefully), putting the numbers together, swinging away with your gut, relying on God to help you and setting logic and outside resources to help along the way. Pray, relax and move forward.

-Michael Thacker

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