Overcoming The Millennial Confusion

It is a tough life out there and most of us, let’s face it, want no part of it. We all seek the Disney World type of life and society REGARDLESS OF GENERATION, but it has been exceptionally difficult for our generation simply due to the fact of increased technology, too much parenting, and the fantasy life that schools teach. There are a three primary problems that our generation faces that holds us back and we will look at these problems as well as the solutions, enable to help us overcome the “millennial confusion” that swamps most, if not all of our generation.

  1. Disney World Concept: First problem to look at is the popular Disney World Concept in which we all see life as a fantasy. We all grew up watching Disney or at least cartoons in general, and many of us still do (guilty myself). We believe everything has a fairy tale ending and that we should live a relaxed lifestyle all the time.
  2. Babied and then babied some more: We were all babied even after the baby era of our life as our parents did not want the hard life they endured to be pressed upon us. Easy it goes as we just chilled out after school with many of us not working and if we did we did not learn about financing ourselves, and instead just spent all the money on ourselves.
  3. Hard at work or hardly working? The last problem involves the work issue as we suck at it. We complain if we have to work more hours than called for and we cry if our Saturday nights are filled with making money. Some work hard at college, but then once real life enters they suck to say the least.


Now let’s take a look at the solutions to these problems.

  1. Life is not freaking Disney World! Let’s face it, life is hard and brutal regardless of how you view it or how much you try and control it. Life is always full of surprises with some being pleasant and others just plain wrong. But hey when we put our trust in the Lord and accept reality as it is and just flow with both the good and bad, knowing that all things work out for the good for those that are in Christ, then we will begin to grow stronger, tougher and ultimately succeed at what we are called to do.
  2. Baby no more! We are no longer babies and should not act, or cry like one (that goes for you baby protesters crying rivers in the streets right now). Life is hard and not all things are going to go our way, and instead we should be standing strong in the face of adversary. Now this does not mean stand up and waste time trying to get everything our way and trying to design a heaven on earth scenario as this will never happen until the return of Christ. But we should stand firm in what we believe and accept what we can not have, and rather focus on what we can do to help others and spread the love of God to everyone we can. This my friend is really doing something.
  3. Working hard is apart of life! We have to work hard and sometimes this requires us to do work we really do not want to do. But we can ultimately do what we love for a living if we work hard at it. When we focus on something we can accomplish it in due time and of course this requires patience, which is another area of struggle for many of us. We have to sometimes calm down and just put our heads down and focus on the task at hand each and everyday. When chiseling through a tough surface, you must take your time and chisel for several hours at a time, multiple times. The main deal here is work hard and do not give up!


We all struggle with at least one of these problems if not all of them. We have to be empowered by the Holy Spirit and know that the good Lord will provide in due time. What is required by us is working hard, keeping focused, having patience and trusting in the Lord for guidance. Find what it is that your passionate about, pray about it and then pursue it with all your heart and let the Lord open the doors before you. Stop complaining, stop crying and start pursuing the will of God for your life and set an example for the future generations coming up behind us. God bless!

-Michael Thacker


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