Success Is A Personal Thing

I witness a lot of different success stories through Facebook, Twitter, and the like and as I witness these stories I begin to ask the question, “What is success?” Success is defined as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”A lot of times we tend to look at different people that have a lot of money and state, “Hey, they are successful!” But even people with a lot of money do not deem themselves successful.


Each person defines success differently. If your primary aim is making a lot of money, then you would count that scenario as successful. But obtaining a lot of money itself is not what defines success. Success is an individual and personal story itself predicated upon the individuals goals and aims. Each of us need to ask ourselves, “What is my story of success? Where am I aiming?” When we can answer these questions we are heading in the right direction.

The next step towards success is set on focus. Once you have an area of aim, then you must aim and shoot without getting thrown off course. In John Mason’s book “Be Yourself,” he states this about focus, “Focus empowers you to say no to distractions and points to the purpose of your goal. Find something in life you can lose yourself in completely.” In order to obtain your goal or succeed you must put aside the distractions, and put your full focus and effort into the objective of achievement.


No matter who you look at in life that has obtained a status of great success, all have put their full focus and attention into what they were pursuing. It’s only when we start losing focus by either getting distracted or discouraged that brings the aim of course and ultimately into missing the target.

Find what it is that your passionate about, delve into it with your whole heart while leaning upon the Lord, focus intensively and keep this focus throughout the process, and boom! Succeed in your aim. Ask yourself this final question, “Are you ready to succeed where the Lord has called you? Or are you going to keep shooting into the wind of time?” Aim, focus, shoot and succeed.

-Michael Thacker

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