Mission Possible

There are times in life where an idea pops into your head that excites you beyond like moving somewhere, starting a new career, buying a home and the list goes on. As you think of this exciting new idea you begin to formulate on how to accomplish it. Over time you realize certain difficulties that could arise and areas that will take much more sacrifice than originally thought. After a while you become discouraged and cower down in fear and decide to just continue living your old life. Does this sound familiar to you?


If you answered yes to the last question then you are in for a treat. Let me tell you that the idea that popped up in your head is just an idea for the moment and could mean absolutely nothing at the end of the day. But if you continue to have the same idea popping up day after day, year after year, then there might just be something with that idea that you need to take initiative on.

It is always good to plan ahead on things, but at the same time planning too much can cause anxiety and fear that can halt projects entirely. Ideas or visions so to speak are sometimes provided by God, and when the ideas or visions are reoccurring on a continuous basis then there is a good chance the good Lord is trying to tell you something. With this in mind we must realize that when God gives us an idea we can only plan so much and the rest is based on faith.

Living by faith is required when walking with God and when He tells you to move on an idea, then you plan a little and move in faith on the rest. Abraham is a prime example of this as He heard the Lord speak to him to move from his family into the promised land. Now when Abraham left the land of UR he left in faith due primarily to the reason that he had no idea of where he was going.

I’m pretty sure Abraham planned a little ahead of the trip as to how much food he would need, family he would take and equipment and servants that would follow along, but the rest was left in faith. The same principle applies when the Lord speaks to us and gives us an idea to move on. Plan the resources needed and then move in faith. A great way of doing this is by writing things down.

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In a worldly stand point this makes little sense, but in a Godly stand point it makes perfect sense. Without faith and movement in faith there can be no miracles. Without miracles occurring how then can God reveal Himself to the lost around us. We are the vessels in which God uses and when He calls us to move on a so called “Mission Impossible,” we must move and allow Him to move and work through us, and thus ultimately glorifying Him through the impossible idea being made into reality.

The question you  need to be asking yourself is, “What has God been pressing upon my heart? What idea continuously keeps reoccurring and calling me?” Once you figure that out then you need to prepare, calculate and then move in faith and let God work miracles through you and turn an idea into reality. Our loving Father wants the best for all of us and when He calls us, He will never forsake us. God is good all the time. The last question to ask is, “What are you waiting for?” Move in faith and accomplish the mission set ahead.

-Michael Thacker

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