A Solid Comeback


Coming back hard,

Just enjoying the ride.

Putting down my guard,

and letting God guide.


Standing strong in the storm,

Finding peace within.

Fighting battles standing firm,

veering from sin.


Lord direct my path,

Help me stay complete and true.

Keep me in Your love and far from Your wrath,

As I keep my eyes peered on You.


Up on high,

Lost in the clouds.

Watching old dreams die,

As a new one shrouds.


Only You know my heart,

Within and without you see.

Let me not depart,

But keep me always with Thee.


Only for Your glory,

Do I comeback for more.

Only You write my story,

Only on Your wings do I soar.

-Michael Thacker


A poem I wrote up today for a thought I have had on my mind for quite sometime now. Considering the option within and determining the correct path to walk. Lord help me overcome, help me see Your path set before me.


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