End Time Update: No Borders. No Nations

We are seeing a rapid transformation of the world structure itself as the UN grows stronger, liberals riot and protest for a one world society, and the financial crisis of the world all mark the evidence of the arrival of the beast and the antichrist. We are entering into the last days as we will soon see the complete formation of a one world society in which there will be no borders or nations, controlled by one central world government. The persecution of Christians will increase to the point of death and the mark of the beast will come into play as the only means of buying or selling items for “your safety.”

In the video above I go over the latest updates of protest where people no longer want nations or borders, but a one world society where there is no difference among people. This is a false sense of peace and unity they strive for as the only true peace and unity will come at the second coming of Christ. We must stand strong and firm during these last days and know that trying times like never before await us.

-Michael Thacker