The Feminization Of Men

All the rage today is gender identity and gay pride, but along with these fads come the new role of men as a softer, gentler push over. When looking at this idea through the eyes of the Bible most Christians try and point out that Jesus Himself was gentle and loving and that He too would approve of the feminization of men.

Now, of course this is completely untrue, especially when one takes time to look at how much of a bad dude Jesus really was. He was indeed gentle and loving, but He was also strong and courageous as He stood up against the pharisees and left a mark in the temple as the merchants sold goods instead of obeying God.

When you take a look at other men in the Bible one has to conclude that there were some bad dudes for sure! Look at David, Joshua or Moses, these guys played no games. These guys were for sure men of men, and yet they were closer to the Lord than any push over guy today.

Now do not get me wrong there are times of much needed compassion and letting out our feelings to God, but there has to be a balance with one trait not over lapping the other. We are to be compassionate and yet strong. We are to be merciful and yet courageous. We are to be servants and yet soldiers. We are to be children of God and yet men of God.

-Michael Thacker

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