Stick It To Health

Yesterday I received my order of Ceylon cinnamon sticks from Coconut Country Living. I have used cinnamon sticks over the years in my herbal teas for the overall health benefits, but this is the first time I went a step further to grab up the right kind of cinnamon. The first couple of tries, both last night in my sleep tea and this morning in my green tea, proved to be a wonderful addition to my overall healthy living lifestyle and brought about a great overall flavor as well.


The health benefits of Ceylon cinnamon is profound when utilized correctly and added to an already healthy diet. Some of the wonderful benefits include blood sugar balancing, treat digestive disorders, improving blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and helps fight against certain types of cancer. More info on the health benefits can be found here.

FullSizeRender (22)
Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks

Go ahead and add a wonderful taste and a powerful all natural medicine to your diet today.

-Michael Thacker


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