Early Morning Window View

Early morning rise,

2 am surprise.

Storm stretched out far and wide,

Waiting for the plane to take the stride.
Bumps lead the way,

With lightening flashing not far away.

Rain streaked by ever so quickly,

As clouds swirled by making one dizzy.
All the while a peace fell about,

All calm and all well without shout.

Life seemed so clear in the mess,

A peace of mind and spirit rest.
It reminds me of the way life sets before us,

Mess all around with no one to trust but Jesus.

Time and time again we do stumble and fall,

And yet there He is everytime we call.

Lending a hand and setting us back up again,

Onward towards the goal that ultimately leads us to Him.

Turmoil may come and uncertainty may lie ahead,

But with some there is hope of life after the dead.
A photo and poem as I flew from Dallas/Fort Worth to Chicago for business early this morning. A big storm rolled in and we left just as it hit. Interesting as you bounce around and uncertainty lies ahead, but thank God we have someone to look to for peace and security; Jesus Christ. God is good and all is well for those that put their hope in the Lord.

Thanks for reading and please subscribe! God bless!

-Michael Thacker


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