Thoughts On Taking A Knee

I am not one to go into politics much, but I felt compelled this morning to state my own view, with so many floating around, in a Christian perspective directed towards Christians. I do believe that what the “kneelers” are doing is very disrespectful, mostly towards the men who have fought and died, but also towards the country that God has blessed from its formation. I will also state that it is their right to kneel regardless of how wrong it is or how angry we become. 
At the moment, we live in a fallen world and in an ever crumbling society with a subjective view of morality set within its heart. As Christians it is our duty to proclaim Christ and to be an example for others, and with that said we must also not allow ourselves to become entangled with the affairs of this life.
“No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier.”
‭‭II Timothy‬ ‭2:4‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

We must come to realize that the devil is behind the schemes wanting to bring division, especially within the church. He uses such things as the kneelers to have us take our eyes off Jesus and set them on the world and its issues. To try and take our focus off the will of God and become distracted by the sinful and hateful nature of man.
At this moment we must let the cry babies kneel and continue in the murky puddles of pride and throwing fits. Let us not scoop to their level and try to get even with worldly views, but rather let us move forward in the grace of God and keep focused on the good Lord and His will for our life. Let us set aside the issues of this life and proclaim Christ to this fallen system. 
“Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”
‭‭James‬ ‭4:7‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Only the love and spirit of Christ can change someone, so why not spread His name and word throughout the land rather than spreading our ideas of what someone should or should not do. We should also be careful to not set the flag as an idol within our hearts, but rather the word of God. Proclaim Christ, stay focused and watch the enemy fall before you. May God bless you and keep you through the days ahead.
-Michael Thacker

8 thoughts on “Thoughts On Taking A Knee

  1. Sorry I don’t get it. By your argument no one in Germany should have stood up against Hitler. Hitler was seeking an expression of patriotism and insisting on respect for flag and country. Even the storm troopers had belt buckles that declaimed (in translation) “God is with us”. Those Germans who stood up against Hitler were indeed treated as traitors but it doesn’t follow they were against the teaching of Jesus.

    It is only in the human interactions that the gospel finds genuine expression.

    If someone chooses to notice unfair racial discrimination in some dimension of US life – even if others haven’t noticed it, surely this is one of the issues which is against the gospel teaching of Jesus. I thought the US was founded on the principle that on matters of conscience there should be total freedom of expression. From my own point of view I cannot comprehend US citizens not wanting to protest racism in the US when it seems to those of us who live outside the US that there are some parts of the US where racism is rife.

    If you want to celebrate patriotism and sacrifice that is fine but at least notice when the patriotism allows war crimes eg torture, bombing civilians, extraordinary rendition etc etc. In fact if it comes to that after what Jesus taught about forgiveness of enemies I would have thought that killing in the name of nation is not always automatically a good thing. Surely you are not pretending that everything the US has done in terms of war is morally justified, or that the KKK should be allowed to claim God is on their side.


    • First off, I do respect your view, but there is no real issue of racism in America. More whites are killed by cops every year than any other race. When I go to sign up for college and check the white box I get no help at all, but when a black check their box they get funding, and that is discrimination. But also like I said in the blog post that I typically do not focus on political issues. I can add that kneeling at the national anthem solves absolutely nothing, only coming to Christ can there be true unity and peace.

      I am only speaking to the Christians that no matter what type of issue the world has it can not be won by petty approaches that the world uses, but rather only by the proclaiming of the gospel and living as Jesus did. We can not allow ourselves to get fully entangled in the worlds problems and fight with the weapons of the world.

      We have to know that no matter what there will always be problems all the way until the end and that only by prayer, living a holy life and telling others about Christ will there be true healing; there is no unity apart from Christ. I do not support any group of the worldly standards including the KKK or black lives matter as these groups in their full intent is to promote hate and violence and have nothing to do with the love of Christ. Only by the love of Christ can we truly heal the broken system, no worldly system or group will do this. When we entangle ourselves so much into the affairs of the life we then take our attention off of God and off the eternal home that awaits us. I hope this helps clarify my stance and may God bless you.


  2. I assume you have different figures to me. From the Guardian survey reported earlier this year
    “Young black men were again killed by police at a sharply higher rate than other Americans in 2016, intensifying concerns over the expected abandonment of criminal justice reform by Donald Trump’s incoming administration.

    Black males aged 15-34 were nine times more likely than other Americans to be killed by law enforcement officers last year, according to data collected for The Counted, an effort by the Guardian to record every such death. They were also killed at four times the rate of young white men.

    Please supply the figures you have and tell me what the source was otherwise I will simply assume you have been listening to propaganda! Making assertions without evidence is not acceptable to graduates from our tertiary system but I cant answer for the standards in your country.


    • No propaganda here:

      Now to get to the root of the real issue. You are a pastor and you are more worried about political matters and how to deal with them with a secular frame of mind? As I stated before that only by spreading the word of God and being filled with the Holy Spirit can we bring true peace and unity. No group or liberal propaganda will bring peace or unity. The ways of the world only causes division, and as a pastor I would hope you would understand and see that.

      The root of the issue is not a physical problem, but a metaphysical problem and must be dealt with accordingly. We are not wrestling against flesh and blood, but against the powers of the metaphysical realm. As pastors it is our duty to set examples to the people by spreading the gospel and building people up within the word of God and not supporting people that kneel before a flag and accomplish nothing by doing so.


  3. No propaganda here??? But you stated very clearly …”there is no real issue of racism in America. More whites are killed by cops every year than any other race.” I quoted some figures that make nonsense of that claim and asked you to provide figures to show my figures are wrong. You didn’t, therefore my supposition you are just parroting propaganda does look plausible. In any case you tell me that I am a pastor with substantial misunderstandings. Since I am not a pastor (nor the author of the original article), why would this second charge you make cause me to think your argument that there is no racism issue in the US is reasonable or truthful. Frankly I think that is bonkers. Just about every Nation has some racism. Surely even someone who is concerned with the metaphysical might have heard of the KKK or the many years examples of racism in the deep South of the US. Here is a clue: Google Martin Luther King and read his story.


    • Did you not read the link I posted on the last comment? The link takes you to an article in the national review that shows the stats on whites and blacks and how cops kill more whites than blacks? And I do apologize that I thought you were a pastor as your website has sermons all over it, so you’re at least a Christian I am assuming? And you do not even mention God in any of your arguments but only go to secular views as your solution to the problem which does not necessarily even exist except against the race that you’re arguing against. Even many older black people I have talked to agree that there is no racism issue against blacks in this country and that rather the ones that complain about it are just spoiled rotten and want a society of perfection which will never exist without the return of Jesus Christ.


  4. True that, from your link, one comparison the total number of Whites killed (for one year) is 378 and blacks 183.
    But surely the population data for the US gives 63% of population are classified as whites and blacks 12.3% This means for equal rights targeting far fewer blacks should have died. (ie in the ratio 63% to 12.5%) Surely the actual police gun deaths turn out to be closer to 2:1 (not the expected 5:1) You presumably think otherwise and I would be interested in, given those percentages and 378 White deaths, what you calculate the expected death rate for blacks if both races are being treated equally.
    True I write sermons and articles on what I think are Christian issues but I am hesitant to call myself Christian because there are many sermons out there and the sermons have to stand on their own merits (or lack of merit) Technically I am not a pastor but I am a lay minister in the Methodist Church but I suspect many conservatives would think I was too liberal to be called a Christian!!!
    Actually I often write on theology so I suspect it is not quite fair to say I don’t think about God in my arguments. Read some of my posts on God : eg The God who Limps, or Biblical Literalism and The Shaping of God, or Metaphorically Speaking and you will see why I am cautious in using a view of God to attempt to justify an argument…. unless I know first that we mean the same by the terms we use.


    • Ya as I stated before I am not much into the political side or know that much on stats, but one guy who is great to watch in learning about it all is Ben Shapiro. Look him up as he explains the racial issue on several levels and has a focus in that area within America.

      The main point of my article is in finding a solution to the problem which is found within Jesus Christ. Apart from Him there will never be a solution to the problem, but rather an increase of problems with the increase of secularism and relativism. And in all honesty, no matter how much we try there will always be racism just like there will always be thief’s, murders, and the like do to the fallen state of this world. Only at the return of Christ will we find true peace and equality.

      We may not be too different on views in some sense as I myself am not very orthodox in my beliefs either. I do not believe in absolute literalism of scripture as some is not to be taken as literal, but is rather signifying a different spectrum. For example, the six days of creation: I do not believe it is literal six days due to the fact creation took part outside of space-time and God is outside space-time and therefore brings the days relative to God which could actually be billions of years within the universe itself. I love analyzing and studying different ideas like that as much of scripture is written in the Spirit (higher dimension) and has to be viewed as such. Not all of it necessarily, but definitely a lot of it.


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