The Confusion Within Today’s Standard Of Morality

Today’s confusion regarding equality, gender roles, abortion and even differences of patriotism stems from a history of relevance and subjective morality grounded on the beliefs of Darwinism and other secular views. When people are taught to believe that they are nothing more than a combination of chemicals that evolved from primordial slime in the distant past, what point in life is there? What moral standard can one believe in other than their own feelings? 

There is no good or bad but it is rather relevant to the individual until that individual comes face to face with true evil in which they begin to reevaluate their own standards of morality. People march for the rights to have abortions yelling, “It is my body and my choice!” And yet if they were on the other end of the spectrum with their own lives in jeopardy they would then completely reevaluate their stance. Again with gender roles we see the same thing as one determines their own gender while people rally behind them in support, until that individual lines up at a sporting event within the gender of their choice and wins due to their true sex and gender and at that moment people begin to reevaluate the standard. Or when a person chooses their gender and walks into that genders bathroom only to watch that gender using the bathroom which at that moment the people affected by it begin to reevaluate their once strong stance.
Equality goes on to say all should be equal and they do right by saying this, but it does not stop there. They continue on to say that not all people should be equal because some are so called privileged and want to cast them down and make them feel bad due to the color of their skin, and yet ultimately defeating their whole agenda of equality. This too stems from a subjective view of morals and what one person or a group of people define as right or wrong within their own eyes.
The only way to overcome this paradigm is by turning to Jesus and His word. His word gives us the meaning of true equality where we are all privileged and all truly equal as we build one another up in Him regardless of skin color, instead of tearing one another down. 
In Him we find true unity and peace. In Him we find that one can not pick their own gender but that God has already picked it for them from the foundation of the world. In Him we see that killing babies is unjustifiable and we hurt when a life is taken because we know that a soul is person, regardless of age, is worth more than just a combination of chemicals that evolved from primordial slime. And in Him we know that true patriotism is not in a country, but rather in glorifying Him and our eternal home. There is no other way except The Way.

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