Full Realization

Much of the time, we humans find ourselves lifted up in pride with thoughts of being our own gods deeply rooted within our minds. We tend to think thoughts of being the greatest, the baddest, the coolest within this field we call life, but yet only for a moment. These thoughts are quick to die when a sudden tragedy enters in and interrupts our moments of selfish glory; an accident, illness or death. During these times of trials we come to the full realization that we are not gods, but only mere vapors that appear for a moment and gone the next. Here is where we begin to look beyond ourselves to a greater help that we did not fully acknowledge before. These trials make even the most devout atheist question his philosophical view of life and begin to raise their head towards the heavens.

Times like these can either destroy us or help us come to life. We can either maintain our godlike thoughts of ourselves and continue to disregard the One that can save us. Or we can let go of our pride while kneeling before God asking, not only for forgiveness and healing, but for deliverance and redemption. All in all, if we stop and look closely we can come to this glimpse into reality without some tragedy dragging us to our knees. Today is the hour in which to kneel before Christ and accept His offer of salvation as you do not know when the vapor will dissipate into the heavens.

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