Political Agendas And True Reform

Societies and governments are not changed by a mere “conversion” of an individual to a particular political agenda, but rather a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. Societal change starts at the personal level and works its way forward from there. First people must come to know Jesus personally and fully experience the Christian life and only then will we see change on the larger scale.

It is not about “converting” people to a political view as this accomplishes nothing but patriotic extremism and not true heart change. Only by the blood of Christ and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit can one experience a newness of life and make real informed decisions, both personally and politically, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit working in and through their lives.

Everything should be consumed or proclaimed in moderation while the only extremity should be the gospel and the name of Jesus Christ. This is not to say religion should have its full effect, by no means, but rather that the love, grace, and power of God should be exemplified through us the most and that it alone should be the central theme within our lives, both personally and socially. Only at this moment will we see the change for the better and a growth that is of eternal value.

-Michael Thacker

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