Transforming Potential In Something Of Value

There is immense potential lying within the unknown, and you have the ability instilled within you to transform that potential into something of immense value. Just like Abraham left home and ventured into the unknown to become a great nation, so you too can leave your abode of comfort and head into the unknown to… Continue reading Transforming Potential In Something Of Value


Rainy Reflections Of Your Ideal

Rainy days are ideal times for reflection and correction. During these times you can reflect on where you are at within the scope of your progression towards your ideal. Breaking down your progress allows you to pinpoint areas that hinder your progress, and then fix them. ⁣⁣ From this vantage point, you can then re-examine… Continue reading Rainy Reflections Of Your Ideal


Properly Producing Unity Out Of Diversity

In order to produce unity from diversity, it is not rules or regulations that will bring it about as this only implies a certain type of tyrannical force that would only ultimately lose its influence and power and collapse. But, in the words of Christ Himself, unity is only accomplished by loving others as yourself… Continue reading Properly Producing Unity Out Of Diversity

Bible Study

Noah, The Flood And 10,000 BC

‪What evidence is there to support a proposed date of 10,000 BC for the time of Noah? ‬⁣⁣‪• Mass flooding worldwide from melting polar caps as a result of the end of last ice age. Several landmarks around the world went underwater after 10,000 BC, including that of the Persian Gulf, parts of Australia, certain… Continue reading Noah, The Flood And 10,000 BC

End Time Update

Beneath The Scope Of Politics

What we are currently witnessing throughout our nation and the world as a whole is much deeper than politics. The realm of politics are but the surface of something much more malevolent and corrupt, and this is what controls our politics, our media, and unfortunately, to some degree our minds. ⁣⁣What we are witnessing is… Continue reading Beneath The Scope Of Politics


Radicalism And The Decay Of Society

Radicalism leads to the decay and corruption of society as a whole. This idea is evident in the life of Christ Himself in which He argued both sides of radical religious thought in His day, that is the Pharisees and Sadducees. Too much order leads to totalitarianism while too much chaos leads to nihilism. Balance… Continue reading Radicalism And The Decay Of Society


The Truth And The Sum Of All Things

People search far and wide for truth. This search for truth has its origins as far back as the formation of written language in ancient Sumeria with descriptions of mythological tales depicting various gods that governed specific elements of earth; fire, water, etc. And yet, truth is not found in several entities or various places,… Continue reading The Truth And The Sum Of All Things