Progression Of The Individual

"Progression of an individual can only be properly measured when set within the confines of who they are now compared to who they were yesterday."-Michael Thacker

Challenge Your Belief System

Never be too certain with yourself as you are more than likely incorrect. Challenge your own thoughts and beliefs, always debating within yourself. Overtime of practicing this, and always following the evidence over emotions, you will develop a solid foundational belief system that will be able to contend against any ideology that challenges it. It … Continue reading Challenge Your Belief System

The Glorification Of Emotional Expression

Our culture today glorifies the amplification of emotional expression while disregarding the necessity and validity of empirical evidence. The emphasis on emotional expression and the constant need to acquire validation, entertainment and stimulation is the very essence and nature of immaturity. This scenario was accurately predicted approximately 2,000 years ago by Paul in his second … Continue reading The Glorification Of Emotional Expression