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Noah, The Flood And 10,000 BC

‪What evidence is there to support a proposed date of 10,000 BC for the time of Noah? ‬⁣⁣‪• Mass flooding worldwide from melting polar caps as a result of the end of last ice age. Several landmarks around the world went underwater after 10,000 BC, including that of the Persian Gulf, parts of Australia, certain… Continue reading Noah, The Flood And 10,000 BC

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The Confusion Within Today’s Standard Of Morality

Today’s confusion regarding equality, gender roles, abortion and even differences of patriotism stems from a history of relevance and subjective morality grounded on the beliefs of Darwinism and other secular views. When people are taught to believe that they are nothing more than a combination of chemicals that evolved from primordial slime in the distant… Continue reading The Confusion Within Today’s Standard Of Morality

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The Downward Spiral Of Christianity

The unfortunate downward spiral of Christianity today is not the churches themselves, but rather that which resides within the hearts and minds of the individuals that make up the church. We have allowed secularism to seep in and take over much of our view and thoughts, and thus has brought division within the church and… Continue reading The Downward Spiral Of Christianity

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Thoughts On Taking A Knee

I am not one to go into politics much, but I felt compelled this morning to state my own view, with so many floating around, in a Christian perspective directed towards Christians. I do believe that what the “kneelers” are doing is very disrespectful, mostly towards the men who have fought and died, but also… Continue reading Thoughts On Taking A Knee

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Transformation Is Not An Option

Being a Christian is not just about believing in Jesus, but is about being transformed and made new. Much of Chrisianity today is about a feel good sensation with no renewal needed as "God loves you anyways." Although the statement is true, as God does love us regardless, this does not nesecarrily mean we are… Continue reading Transformation Is Not An Option