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It’s A Trap!

One of the famous phrases from the Star Wars franchise, "It's a trap!" Sometimes we can come to a point in life as though we feel trapped with no way out and no matter how much we pray it doesn't get better. Time and time again it is like a wall has been set up… Continue reading It’s A Trap!


New Year, New Creation

The New Year is in full force as we leave behind 2017 and move forward into 2018 with new challenges lying ahead. With some many things happening around us like environmental issues, mass shootings, advancements in technology and governments coming together to solve problems and bring peace and unity, we have to stand firm and… Continue reading New Year, New Creation


Seeking A Thankful, Loving And Cheerful Heart

Be thankful for all that you have for each day of resent and discontent, the more will be taken away and the less you will receive. God seeks a thankful, loving and cheerful heart that is not affected by circumstances or placement. We must love others with the love of God, praise the Lord with… Continue reading Seeking A Thankful, Loving And Cheerful Heart

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You Are Stronger Than You Realize

Over the years of different life events, both good and bad, I have come to realize that my wife and I are much stronger than we give ourselves credit. Each situation presents new challenges that were greater than before, and yet we overcome them. Racing pro motocross, traveling, seven dogs, and a child with Leukemia?… Continue reading You Are Stronger Than You Realize

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Live Your Dream: Do Not Follow

A new section of One Man's Journey vlog presents advice on living your dream. This episode features advice on not following others, but instead following God's call upon your life. Everyone's dreams are different and if we spend too much time asking advice and following others, we will then follow them into their own dream… Continue reading Live Your Dream: Do Not Follow