A Thriving Society and Individual

Everything in life is predicated upon the idea of balance whether it is the vastness of space-time, or the inner most being of individuals. It is neither, a nihilistic framework or a tyrannical mode of being, that accomplishes the good that is necessary for the individual as well as society to thrive, but the harmonious… Continue reading A Thriving Society and Individual


Thoughts on Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick‚Äôs stance against the simple decriminalization of cannabis as well as medical and full legalization is a great example of a modern day pharisee. While claiming to be a believer in Christ and yet withholding this healing herb from thousands of sick and dying people is morally reprehensible. When your top… Continue reading Thoughts on Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick


Seeking Depth Over Comfort

In a world of mass churches set at almost every corner many of times bring with them the gospel of prosperity, health and encouragement. Over the years myself, as well as many throughout the nation and world, have witnessed these churches grow to ever greater heights while smaller, "authentic" churches dwindle down to feast off… Continue reading Seeking Depth Over Comfort