Understanding Temperance Within The Christian Life

How does one exhibit temperance within the Christian life? Does temperance need to be exhibited in food and drinks or also the things we pursue? Extremism is a common place in both the church and secular society and can be difficult to know how to truly live for God without causing someone to stumble or… Continue reading Understanding Temperance Within The Christian Life


Be On Fire For God

In a time of turmoil and confusion as never before seen until now, we are called more than ever to witness to the world around us. We need the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit to fill us and enable us to touch the lost souls that occupy this fallen world. We need to be… Continue reading Be On Fire For God

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Live Your Dream: Do Not Follow

A new section of One Man's Journey vlog presents advice on living your dream. This episode features advice on not following others, but instead following God's call upon your life. Everyone's dreams are different and if we spend too much time asking advice and following others, we will then follow them into their own dream… Continue reading Live Your Dream: Do Not Follow

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Can Christians Drink Alcohol?

A common question among the church today, "Can Christians drink alcohol?" Most believers sound a harsh No! But is this a forbidden substance? Taking a deeper look at the history of alcohol and it's role in the early church can help clarify the mess we encounter today. "I know and am convinced by the Lord… Continue reading Can Christians Drink Alcohol?

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The Feminization Of Men

All the rage today is gender identity and gay pride, but along with these fads come the new role of men as a softer, gentler push over. When looking at this idea through the eyes of the Bible most Christians try and point out that Jesus Himself was gentle and loving and that He too… Continue reading The Feminization Of Men