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Exhibiting Courage And Meekness In The Christian Life

One primary problem the church as a whole is facing is that of cowardice and it is only getting worse as time passes. Do not get me wrong, there are a few good soldiers out there fighting the good fight, but overall the church is collapsing under pressure from within and outside. Not only do… Continue reading Exhibiting Courage And Meekness In The Christian Life


Political Agendas And True Reform

Societies and governments are not changed by a mere “conversion” of an individual to a particular political agenda, but rather a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. Societal change starts at the personal level and works its way forward from there. First people must come to know Jesus personally and fully experience the Christian life and… Continue reading Political Agendas And True Reform


New Year, New Creation

The New Year is in full force as we leave behind 2017 and move forward into 2018 with new challenges lying ahead. With some many things happening around us like environmental issues, mass shootings, advancements in technology and governments coming together to solve problems and bring peace and unity, we have to stand firm and… Continue reading New Year, New Creation

The Truth Cast Show

The Truth Cast Show: The Evidence For God And The Millennial Generation

The first episode of The Truth Cast Show podcast goes over the evidence for God and how to approach the millennial generation. Society is steadily decaying and it is our duty as Christians to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to teach the truth to the lost with power. Listen to the podcast audio… Continue reading The Truth Cast Show: The Evidence For God And The Millennial Generation