Cannabis and The Christian Church

My latest book Cannabis and The Christian Church is now available on in paperback. Check it out and let me know what you think and God bless! Amazon: Cannabis and The Christian Church



Striped away, Lost I feel, Wander all day, Life stands still.   Looking back, Dead inside, Cricks and cracks, Broken and dried.   Lord help me, Looking ahead, His hope I see, The past is dead.   Do not fear, He spoke to me, Be of good cheer, Soon you will see.   A sense… Continue reading Sheared

New Book Releases

New Release: The Light Overhead

Good afternoon everyone! I have just released a new ebook on Amazon! This short book is a poem/short story leaning on the experimental side of things with interesting concepts pertaining to life and the path thereof. You can read purchase my book for only $0.99 or for free when you sign up for Kindle Unlimited.… Continue reading New Release: The Light Overhead