Producing Good Fruit

No matter how hard we try, we cannot produce fruit ourselves. We can seek to do all sorts of awesome and mighty works, and yet at the end of the day it is empty without the Holy Spirit working in and through us while carrying out the work. In our modern society where workaholics are… Continue reading Producing Good Fruit


Living A Meaningful Life

In an age where vanity occupies our minds and time all while we search diligently for meaning and purpose within them, and yet end up empty handed. Where is meaning? What is meaning? How does one go about finding meaning in life? It is initially found within Jesus Christ, and from there we can witness… Continue reading Living A Meaningful Life

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We Can Not Move Apart From The Spirit

There are a lot of people pursuing a lot of things in ministry, and yet many of them are doing it out of self. Why do I say that? I have heard many Christians over the years tell me that they are doing many things in their churches and mission trips, so that when they… Continue reading We Can Not Move Apart From The Spirit

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A Wonderful Piece By The Life Project

Luke 8:1-15 As we move into chapter 8, Jesus will be speaking in parables quite a bit. In fact, some of the most familiar and beloved of His parables are found right here in Luke, yet sometimes they aren’t easy for us to understand. It is important for us to recognize that Jesus is doing […]… Continue reading A Wonderful Piece By The Life Project

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The One Who Helps Us Remember

In a society where loads of information are constantly being poured into our minds it is easy to forget certain things as new things keep flooding in. The busy pace of life we have created for ourselves today brings a new level of forgetfulness to a new level with the simplest things being forgotten. Jesus… Continue reading The One Who Helps Us Remember