We must come to realize that the times of the end are at hand and the prophecy’s mentioned in regards to a one world currency, government and religion are not far fetched ideas, but a coming reality. “These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast.” Revelation 17:13 [...]


We are now entering a new era of technology and a shift in society that demands a world government and a sense of security. The mark of the beast is evolving and will be implemented fully by 2030. Let us prepare our hearts and fight for the Lord till the end. -Michael Thacker

Everyone talks about the coming World War lll as tensions rise around the globe each passing day. This third world war was spoken of by John the apostle in the book of Revelations as the 6th Trumpet War where a third of mankind will be wiped out. To completely understand what a third of mankind [...]

The time is drawing nearer and now is that we see the corruption of man increasing. We see the desire for a full on one world society where there are no borders or nations. These times only prove more and more the truth of the word of God and the prophecies there in. The beast [...]