Growth Is A Byproduct

Growth is a byproduct of time and experience, not of normality, but of that which is unknown. Only by stepping into the realm of chaos with the desire to create order do we find growth. During the encounter with chaos, we only witness the chaotic state of being. As time progresses and order begins to… Continue reading Growth Is A Byproduct


New Path Out Yonder

Change is what I see, Change is what I need, Change from a weed, Change into a mustard seed. One day I will bloom, One day real soon, One day as big as the moon, One day like a big boom. New path before my eyes, New path leading into the sky, New path that… Continue reading New Path Out Yonder


Sometimes It Is Best To Just Be A Turtle

In a world of offense and cry babies, it is sometimes best to just be a turtle. Of all the animals, why a turtle? Turtles are tough buggers with a soft inside, but a hard exterior. Many today could learn a lot from examining a turtle. They move slow, and yet continuously progress. The most… Continue reading Sometimes It Is Best To Just Be A Turtle

Encouragement, self improvement

Two Hours Of Sleep, A Sick Baby And A Flight

Nothing wakes you up better in the morning than the sound of your toddler throwing up in their room. Coughing, gagging and crying are the soothing sounds that help you begin your day off on the right foot. The aroma of soured milk is your morning coffee that heighten your senses in a way that… Continue reading Two Hours Of Sleep, A Sick Baby And A Flight

Encouragement, self improvement

When You Add, You Must Also Subtract

As a kid I did alright when it came to math, but I was no genius either. You learn that two plus two equals four and that when you subtract you must take away. The teachers would always throw a tricky one in that went like two plus four minus two equals what. I always… Continue reading When You Add, You Must Also Subtract