The Rise Of The Cultish Church

Where is the love of Christ? Today many churches are either exhibiting cultish characteristics that shuns anyone that thinks remotely different than them or they promote the concept that one doesn't have to live a life that is pleasing to God, but rather pursue whatever they "feel" is right within their hearts. How did Jesus… Continue reading The Rise Of The Cultish Church

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Showing Love Like Christ

In many of today's churches you find extremes of love either being shown greatly or not at all, but how did Jesus show love and command us to show love to others? Jesus showed great amounts of love and acceptance while at the same time He taught to repent of sins and crucify the flesh.… Continue reading Showing Love Like Christ

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A Message To The Christian Church

With persecution of Christians on the rise we must stand firm and strong during these last days. We must be covered by the blood of Christ, filled with the Holy Spirit and united in the love and power of God if we are to withstand the attacks of the evil one and his gang. The… Continue reading A Message To The Christian Church