The Practicality And Appreciation of Scripture

Scripture is very much practical in nature, and yet is much richer than that. To fully grasp what the word is articulating one must delve beneath the surface, break down the components into sub components, meditate on them, and then put them back together. Only at this moment can we comprehend and appreciate the full… Continue reading The Practicality And Appreciation of Scripture


Making Wise Choices

When faced with difficult choices it is always best to stop and ponder on the choice then seek out good advice from others, and then execute the decision conscientiously while conducting yourself properly in due process-that is wisdom at its most fundamental level. -Michael Thacker

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Going The Distance

Going the distance requires focus, strength and heart. It is easy to give up and quit and just settle. We are called to be content in all situations while striving to be the best in Christ we can be by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. We are called to live a life that… Continue reading Going The Distance


Friday Encouragement: The Lord Is Always Before You

As I sit here this morning watching the sunrise over the land and the thought of the inauguration of Trump into the White House tonight, I begin to think what does the future hold for the world? Sometimes we find ourselves stressing and worrying about how things will turn out, but all in all it… Continue reading Friday Encouragement: The Lord Is Always Before You

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Do Not Follow

I just recently drove my sister back to Colorado Springs from our home in Fort Worth, Texas. The weather was cold on the way up with every fifty miles or so bring a drop in a degree or two. Everything was ship shape till we reach Amarillo, where a snow storm blew through the night… Continue reading Do Not Follow

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The One Who Helps Us Remember

In a society where loads of information are constantly being poured into our minds it is easy to forget certain things as new things keep flooding in. The busy pace of life we have created for ourselves today brings a new level of forgetfulness to a new level with the simplest things being forgotten. Jesus… Continue reading The One Who Helps Us Remember

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Dealing With Setbacks

Setbacks are sometimes very tough to deal with and can cause negative feelings to arise. We can get the feeling that we can not make it and that the setback was a reality check as to the wrong path we are really on, which this can sometimes be true. But many times setbacks are only… Continue reading Dealing With Setbacks