Nihilism’s Collapse Into Totalitarianism

From the time that German philosopher Fredrick Nietzsche announced the death of God in the late 19th century, we have seen an ever rapid moral decline of humanity. Over the past 100 years we have witnessed the increase in nihilism and the deterioration of civil society, and now we are witnessing the pinnacle of its … Continue reading Nihilism’s Collapse Into Totalitarianism

The Glorification Of Emotional Expression

Our culture today glorifies the amplification of emotional expression while disregarding the necessity and validity of empirical evidence. The emphasis on emotional expression and the constant need to acquire validation, entertainment and stimulation is the very essence and nature of immaturity. This scenario was accurately predicted approximately 2,000 years ago by Paul in his second … Continue reading The Glorification Of Emotional Expression

The True Solution To The Issue Of Racism In America

What has occurred in Minneapolis is of tragic proportions along with much of what we have witnessed throughout the years with much of racism still pervading throughout America. And yet, how does a society rid itself from such sinful behavior? Some have suggested re-educating white people by implementing the notion of white privilege in which … Continue reading The True Solution To The Issue Of Racism In America