Reorganize Yourself In The Wilderness

We all have those days where we seem to be in a great fog that covers our thought process that hinders our every move. Some times this fog doesn't just hinder a particular day, but rather an entire continuum of days that results in confusion in the direction we are wanting to go in life.… Continue reading Reorganize Yourself In The Wilderness


Small Voice of Hope

When faced with depression one must keep active while changing things up in their daily routine as well as having a good diet. With that being said, one must also take time to be still, not to listen to the negative voices telling you that you are hopeless, but to the still small voice of… Continue reading Small Voice of Hope


Obtaining Happiness In A Depression Filled World

Depression is at an all time high in today's high paced, selfie society today with suicide rates sky rocketing along with it. How has this become such an epedimic? Some studies have been looking at the correlation between social media and the search for happiness. It is when a person looks at the screen and… Continue reading Obtaining Happiness In A Depression Filled World

Encouragement, self improvement

If You Don’t Like The Channel, Then Change It

There are times in life that we find ourselves in a position, job, relationship, and so forth that we really do not like. Each day presents another day of despair and regret that only digs us further into a hole that we really want to climb out of. Many people are in this type of… Continue reading If You Don’t Like The Channel, Then Change It