Time is precious and with it comes the dire necessity to utilize time correctly, and yet more times than often we neglect the necessity with futile passions and desires. Most of the time we are neglecting our time by scanning through our social media feed, searching frivolously on the web, or sitting on the pot [...]


How many times do we find ourselves striving for the wealth, the fame and the other goods of this life? I know for myself I am guilty as charged. When I find myself looking to the goods of this world and forgetting God, I can feel Him pulling my attention back to Him, first with [...]

There is a great difference between knowing God, and knowing about Him. We sometimes become confused in our society today as to whether someone knows Him or has knowledge of Him. People shout verses and theology around, and yet do not understand much of the meaning behind what they proclaim. Books upon books, searching and [...]

There are times that we find ourselves serving the Lord only because we feel we have to. We go to church, we tell others about Jesus, we volunteer, and so on while inside we really do not want to. We sing praise onto God, and yet our lips move but our heart stand still. This [...]

In the wake of hurricane Harvey and now hurricane Irma many wonder where God is? Where was God when the people died during the storm? Does God not care? Let me rest assure you that God is in our midst and nearer to us than we could ever imagine. He is with those that lose [...]