Experiencing The Knowing

There is a great difference between knowing God, and knowing about Him. We sometimes become confused in our society today as to whether someone knows Him or has knowledge of Him. People shout verses and theology around, and yet do not understand much of the meaning behind what they proclaim. Books upon books, searching and… Continue reading Experiencing The Knowing


Lip Service Syndrome

There are times that we find ourselves serving the Lord only because we feel we have to. We go to church, we tell others about Jesus, we volunteer, and so on while inside we really do not want to. We sing praise onto God, and yet our lips move but our heart stand still. This… Continue reading Lip Service Syndrome

Bible Study, devotional

Transformation Is Not An Option

Being a Christian is not just about believing in Jesus, but is about being transformed and made new. Much of Chrisianity today is about a feel good sensation with no renewal needed as "God loves you anyways." Although the statement is true, as God does love us regardless, this does not nesecarrily mean we are… Continue reading Transformation Is Not An Option