True Growth and Prosperity

Criticism and encouragement go hand in hand. If a person provides too much criticism there will be only regression and the loss of self worth in the mind of the one being critiqued. The same applies to those that always encourage and yet never criticize for the individual who receives the continuous encouragement comes to… Continue reading True Growth and Prosperity


Seeking A Thankful, Loving And Cheerful Heart

Be thankful for all that you have for each day of resent and discontent, the more will be taken away and the less you will receive. God seeks a thankful, loving and cheerful heart that is not affected by circumstances or placement. We must love others with the love of God, praise the Lord with… Continue reading Seeking A Thankful, Loving And Cheerful Heart

Bible Study, Encouragement

When It Is Time, Then It Is Time

The other day I wrote a devotional on the topic of being called and then sent, and how when we are sent we should not allow fear, anxiety or any other emotion overrun what we know God wants us to do. No matter if people say it is crazy you still have God behind you… Continue reading When It Is Time, Then It Is Time