End Time Update

Beneath The Scope Of Politics

What we are currently witnessing throughout our nation and the world as a whole is much deeper than politics. The realm of politics are but the surface of something much more malevolent and corrupt, and this is what controls our politics, our media, and unfortunately, to some degree our minds. ⁣⁣What we are witnessing is… Continue reading Beneath The Scope Of Politics

End Time Update

End Time Update: Climate Change

Could the UN be using climate change in a radical manner to help give them more control and power by imputing greater fear within the hearts and minds of citizens? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhz6GIn_ykk -Michael Thacker Help Support This Blog

End Time Update

What Will The Antichrist Be Like?

Many people wonder what type of person they might expect the antichrist to be with most portraying the man to have giant horns coming from his head and to be disgusting beyond belief, and yet how much merit does this hold according to what is describe in scripture? We read that Satan is an angel… Continue reading What Will The Antichrist Be Like?

End Time Update

End Time Update: The Rapture

Will the rapture occur prior to or following the tribulation? Check out the video to better understand the possible placement of the rapture. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfswqCeX3lU -Michael Thacker Help Support This Blog

End Time Update

The Coming One World

We must come to realize that the times of the end are at hand and the prophecy’s mentioned in regards to a one world currency, government and religion are not far fetched ideas, but a coming reality. “These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast.” Revelation 17:13… Continue reading The Coming One World

End Time Update

Awake In The Midst Of Prosperity

Economic times seem to be booming within America and throughout the world as business continue to grow at rapid rates and spending is on a roll. Even though there are rumors of war, famines throughout the world and climate change and earthquakes increasing, there are still many who are claiming peace and security. But, although… Continue reading Awake In The Midst Of Prosperity


One With The Lord And Separate From The World

Today we are faced with a huge epidemic within the church as the world has seeped into many and has spread like a cancer. We see pastors taking shots with celebrities, entertainment within the church that mimicks that of the world, homosexuality and transgendered being embraced and condoned, and a selfish approach to serving rather… Continue reading One With The Lord And Separate From The World