Confronting The Chaos Of Being

The conscious awareness of the frailty and malevolence of being itself should not cause you to cower down in fear, but rather it should provoke the proclivity to engage with being courageously and faithfully. Only through the conscious act of courage and faith are we transformed into the ideal, into that call of being that… Continue reading Confronting The Chaos Of Being


Precision Of Belief

When Jesus spoke the parable about the sower going out and sowing seeds He instantiated the concept of that of faith and works. When we receive the Word of God and it is seeded deep within our being, it should produce an effect of transforming our mode of being into that of an imitation of… Continue reading Precision Of Belief


Finding Potential In The Midst Of Chaos

Taking the easiest route in life maybe the most conservative, and yet the most unfulfilling. Purpose and meaning are often times manifested within the realm of chaos when you trail off the path of security. In this realm is where the potential for success lies and where order can be created. Only in this realm… Continue reading Finding Potential In The Midst Of Chaos


The Rise Of The Cultish Church

Where is the love of Christ? Today many churches are either exhibiting cultish characteristics that shuns anyone that thinks remotely different than them or they promote the concept that one doesn't have to live a life that is pleasing to God, but rather pursue whatever they "feel" is right within their hearts. How did Jesus… Continue reading The Rise Of The Cultish Church


Where Is God?

Two and a half years ago my wife and I found out our daughter had ALL Leukemia. I vividly remember the moment of this knowledge administration with it's ultimately terrifying sensation that vibrated throughout our bodies and minds. More terror and anxiety were to come as they began to explain what the next two years… Continue reading Where Is God?

End Time Update

End Time Update: Climate Change

Could the UN be using climate change in a radical manner to help give them more control and power by imputing greater fear within the hearts and minds of citizens? -Michael Thacker Help Support This Blog


Christianity and Climate Change

From the beginning we were commanded to subdue and have dominion over the earth, and with this comes the necessity of responsibility. In the Garden of Eden, Adam was to tend the garden, that is to take care of it, and this same calling still applies to us today. Just as we are called to… Continue reading Christianity and Climate Change


Climate Change and The Christian Life

Climate change is all the rage now days with political reforms popping up on both a national and global scale alike. With all the rage, though, what does this all mean, especially for the Christian community? There are so many people that have the mindset to work until you die and "if you're not growing,… Continue reading Climate Change and The Christian Life