Rainy Reflections Of Your Ideal

Rainy days are ideal times for reflection and correction. During these times you can reflect on where you are at within the scope of your progression towards your ideal. Breaking down your progress allows you to pinpoint areas that hinder your progress, and then fix them. ⁣⁣ From this vantage point, you can then re-examine… Continue reading Rainy Reflections Of Your Ideal


Increase In Knowledge And Aim High

You can orient your perception properly by acquiring knowledge along with discernment. Apart from these two factors, you can only construe reality as what you want it to be rather than what it is.⁣⁣⁣This notion is echoed several times throughout the book of proverbs and scripture itself. One such verse found in Proverbs 12 states… Continue reading Increase In Knowledge And Aim High


Re-Examining Goals

New Year’s is upon us, and so is the traditional necessity for resolutions, or goals which brings about the demand of re-examination. A constant re-examination of the goals you have set is essential for success and growth. Although we seek a linear path to our desired outcome, more than often we find ourselves meandering our… Continue reading Re-Examining Goals

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Moving Beyond Mistakes

Mistakes happen regardless of how much we may try to veer from manifesting them. Some are worse than others with some seeming so stupendous and bringing with it such harsh repercussions that the overall result being almost unbearable, if not impossible to deal with. How do we cope with mistakes and the repercussions thereof? How… Continue reading Moving Beyond Mistakes


Sacrifice In Order To Succeed

In order to grow and succeed we must be willing to let go or “cast off” those thing which hinder us. Support my work on Patreon: -Michael Thacker


Growth Is A Byproduct

Growth is a byproduct of time and experience, not of normality, but of that which is unknown. Only by stepping into the realm of chaos with the desire to create order do we find growth. During the encounter with chaos, we only witness the chaotic state of being. As time progresses and order begins to… Continue reading Growth Is A Byproduct

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Three Habits To Stop Right Now

We all have habits that seem to control us on a daily basis with some being good and some not so good. Habits determine our overall quality of life and direction we are headed. It is very important to choose good habits that lead you to where you are wanting to go in life, while… Continue reading Three Habits To Stop Right Now

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When You Add, You Must Also Subtract

As a kid I did alright when it came to math, but I was no genius either. You learn that two plus two equals four and that when you subtract you must take away. The teachers would always throw a tricky one in that went like two plus four minus two equals what. I always… Continue reading When You Add, You Must Also Subtract


Mission Possible

There are times in life where an idea pops into your head that excites you beyond like moving somewhere, starting a new career, buying a home and the list goes on. As you think of this exciting new idea you begin to formulate on how to accomplish it. Over time you realize certain difficulties that… Continue reading Mission Possible