Creating Ripples In The Pond of Society and Culture

There is a great need for transformation in society and culture today, a renewal towards the good for all people that can only be found in Jesus Christ. We see many different groups pushing social reforms driven by their own self-made ideologies that they desire to force onto other people. Behind these ideologues is the… Continue reading Creating Ripples In The Pond of Society and Culture


Be On Fire For God

In a time of turmoil and confusion as never before seen until now, we are called more than ever to witness to the world around us. We need the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit to fill us and enable us to touch the lost souls that occupy this fallen world. We need to be… Continue reading Be On Fire For God

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Transformation Is Not An Option

Being a Christian is not just about believing in Jesus, but is about being transformed and made new. Much of Chrisianity today is about a feel good sensation with no renewal needed as "God loves you anyways." Although the statement is true, as God does love us regardless, this does not nesecarrily mean we are… Continue reading Transformation Is Not An Option

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You Have Got The Power

A popular song back in the 90's and with it also carrying truth within the phrase that correlates with scripture itself. It is a power that does not stem from ourselves or the universe as many philosophers and prosperity gurus like to proclaim. But rather it is a power from on high, it is the… Continue reading You Have Got The Power

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Finding The Love Of God In A Hate Filled World

The world speaks about love quite easily now days with regards to immigrants and homosexuals, but when it comes to true love, the love of God that is, it is a rare gem to hear and much less to find. People of the world proclaim a false love that stems from the Antichrist that is… Continue reading Finding The Love Of God In A Hate Filled World

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We Can Not Move Apart From The Spirit

There are a lot of people pursuing a lot of things in ministry, and yet many of them are doing it out of self. Why do I say that? I have heard many Christians over the years tell me that they are doing many things in their churches and mission trips, so that when they… Continue reading We Can Not Move Apart From The Spirit