How many times do we find ourselves striving for the wealth, the fame and the other goods of this life? I know for myself I am guilty as charged. When I find myself looking to the goods of this world and forgetting God, I can feel Him pulling my attention back to Him, first with [...]


The problem with much of today’s people, both old and young, is the issue of having no roots. Today I witness many that once were proclaimed Christians now going to and fro chasing after the next new fad. “What belief is everyone following now?” They ask themselves while searching for that new high of religious [...]

I hear the saying all the time, starting from the time of hippies the time of the millenials, all crying out, "We don't want control! We want to be free to live as we please!" They seek to escape the restrictions of religion for a more enjoyable and flexible lifestyle that pleases them own self's. [...]

In a time of turmoil and confusion as never before seen until now, we are called more than ever to witness to the world around us. We need the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit to fill us and enable us to touch the lost souls that occupy this fallen world. We need to be [...]

In the wake of all the violence and hate swirling throughout our country, I have felt compelled to chip in my two cents worth of thought on the topic. Inequality is one of the most prevalent issues that is separating our country at the moment, and yet I am completely convinced that there is no [...]

It is an amazing thing to be alive, to be breathing, talking and loving among friends and family. But it is an even more amazing thing to be alive in Christ, which is an eternal life of transformation, renewal and fellowship among a dark world. And this spiritual living can not be attained apart from [...]

A new section of One Man's Journey vlog presents advice on living your dream. This episode features advice on not following others, but instead following God's call upon your life. Everyone's dreams are different and if we spend too much time asking advice and following others, we will then follow them into their own dream [...]

Just as in times past there are lukewarm churches and Christians who live within a mediocre type lifestyle for Christ. They are neither hot or cold, but rather set themselves in the comfortable position of attending church and playing the part with no real commitment or relationship with God. All in all we are called [...]