Growth Is A Byproduct

Growth is a byproduct of time and experience, not of normality, but of that which is unknown. Only by stepping into the realm of chaos with the desire to create order do we find growth. During the encounter with chaos, we only witness the chaotic state of being. As time progresses and order begins to… Continue reading Growth Is A Byproduct

Encouragement, self improvement

When You Add, You Must Also Subtract

As a kid I did alright when it came to math, but I was no genius either. You learn that two plus two equals four and that when you subtract you must take away. The teachers would always throw a tricky one in that went like two plus four minus two equals what. I always… Continue reading When You Add, You Must Also Subtract


It’s A Spiritual Thing

It is difficult making friends now a days with many of us being a little on the anti-social side of the spectrum. It seems quite a bit easier for the social butterflies that float about and talk to everyone that comes within five feet of them. I have even felt guilt on my part when… Continue reading It’s A Spiritual Thing


When Tears Flow Like A River

The election has come and gone and for some reason or another people are still in tears. Why? Because we have become a generation of sissies and participant award winners. My simple kind gesture, "Let it go!" Of course you all know what I'm talking about simply due to the fact that anybody and everybody… Continue reading When Tears Flow Like A River


Finding Opportunity In Failure

Many people fail throughout life not because of actual failure itself, but because of giving up and quitting short of success. The term failure can also be used as mistake and as humans we are prone to making many mistakes throughout our lives especially when it comes to a difficult endeavor. If we train our… Continue reading Finding Opportunity In Failure


Do Not Give Up

God has a plan for your life. In fact God has a plan for each and everyone of our lives and it is up to us to take a hold of it and move forward in faith and power. Something that seems to hang a lot of people up when it comes to God's plan… Continue reading Do Not Give Up


Where Are You Putting Your Hope?

A lot of different people put their hope in a lot of different things like a new job, leaders, companies, countries and the list goes on and on from there. All these things, as great as some may be, are only temporary and fallible type of hopes. We all fall into this trap from time… Continue reading Where Are You Putting Your Hope?


Trying To Drill Through The Mountain

As humans, anytime we seek to achieve anything worth having we want it as quick as possible, and when I say quick I mean quick. We are impatient when it comes to anything in life especially when it comes to what we want. In today's quick fix, rich quick, instant upload society, we believe it's… Continue reading Trying To Drill Through The Mountain