I hear the saying all the time, starting from the time of hippies the time of the millenials, all crying out, "We don't want control! We want to be free to live as we please!" They seek to escape the restrictions of religion for a more enjoyable and flexible lifestyle that pleases them own self's. [...]


The more we allow the world to consume us with its delusions, the more we will fall into despair. Many of people have sought after possessions, power and pleasure in order to satisfy the soul, but in the end have reached the point of realization that the latter part was even worse off than the [...]

There are times that we go through dry-spells in life where our minds are blank and things around us seem rather dull. These spells vary in length from person to person and time of life. Sometimes it does good to make dramatic changes in life such as moving, changing jobs, doing something that you have [...]