The Attributes Of True Love

True love is being able to look at someone who is experiencing problems in their life, and still loving them while realizing that you do not know the whole story. This is not to say that you do not seek to help them with their problem, and yet if you seek to help them in… Continue reading The Attributes Of True Love


Producing Good Fruit

No matter how hard we try, we cannot produce fruit ourselves. We can seek to do all sorts of awesome and mighty works, and yet at the end of the day it is empty without the Holy Spirit working in and through us while carrying out the work. In our modern society where workaholics are… Continue reading Producing Good Fruit


Barriers of Hatred

Hatred has never been so prevalent in our society as it is today. Every which way we turn we witness the toxicity of hatred being forced down the throats of victims that most often do not know what they did wrong, if they even did anything wrong at all. We see this toxicity dividing families,… Continue reading Barriers of Hatred

Bible Study

Finding The Love Of God In A Hate Filled World

The world speaks about love quite easily now days with regards to immigrants and homosexuals, but when it comes to true love, the love of God that is, it is a rare gem to hear and much less to find. People of the world proclaim a false love that stems from the Antichrist that is… Continue reading Finding The Love Of God In A Hate Filled World


It’s A Spiritual Thing

It is difficult making friends now a days with many of us being a little on the anti-social side of the spectrum. It seems quite a bit easier for the social butterflies that float about and talk to everyone that comes within five feet of them. I have even felt guilt on my part when… Continue reading It’s A Spiritual Thing