A Solid Comeback

Coming back hard, Just enjoying the ride. Putting down my guard, and letting God guide.   Standing strong in the storm, Finding peace within. Fighting battles standing firm, veering from sin.   Lord direct my path, Help me stay complete and true. Keep me in Your love and far from Your wrath, As I keep … Continue reading A Solid Comeback

The Road Ahead

Peering far and wide, Seeking to go and decide. What lies ahead? Is there an end that is dead?   Moving forward is always frightening, And yet so enlightening. Fear holds us back from pursuing, And only faith can bring renewing.   Stuck in space as time rushes by, Fear bound and breathless with a … Continue reading The Road Ahead

Mountain Peak Dream

There you stand, High and bold. Seeking to dwell there on, Dwelling of old.   One day I see, House up high. Walking the land, Peering into the sky.   Filled with peace, With snow glistening all around. Smelling the fresh mountain air, Experience of life profound. -Michael Thacker