New Path Out Yonder

Change is what I see, Change is what I need, Change from a weed, Change into a mustard seed. One day I will bloom, One day real soon, One day as big as the moon, One day like a big boom. New path before my eyes, New path leading into the sky, New path that … Continue reading New Path Out Yonder

The Arising To An Eternal Hope

I arise early in the day, Sitting still as I pray. I call on you, oh Lord, In hopes that I will be restored. By Your Spirit do You give me strength, As I am weary and stretched to great lengths. Pull me out of the pit of despair, As my hope I do put … Continue reading The Arising To An Eternal Hope

Mountain Peak Dream

There you stand, High and bold. Seeking to dwell there on, Dwelling of old.   One day I see, House up high. Walking the land, Peering into the sky.   Filled with peace, With snow glistening all around. Smelling the fresh mountain air, Experience of life profound. -Michael Thacker