Barriers of Hatred

Hatred has never been so prevalent in our society as it is today. Every which way we turn we witness the toxicity of hatred being forced down the throats of victims that most often do not know what they did wrong, if they even did anything wrong at all. We see this toxicity dividing families,… Continue reading Barriers of Hatred


Creating Ripples In The Pond of Society and Culture

There is a great need for transformation in society and culture today, a renewal towards the good for all people that can only be found in Jesus Christ. We see many different groups pushing social reforms driven by their own self-made ideologies that they desire to force onto other people. Behind these ideologues is the… Continue reading Creating Ripples In The Pond of Society and Culture


Christian Temperance And Social Reform

Yesterday I touched on the subject of political and social reform and that the ideas of reform stem from the individual, and from there seep and effect the larger outcome. In order to obtain a proper modern day social and political reformation, we must first consult our own hearts in order to better approach and… Continue reading Christian Temperance And Social Reform


Political Agendas And True Reform

Societies and governments are not changed by a mere “conversion” of an individual to a particular political agenda, but rather a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. Societal change starts at the personal level and works its way forward from there. First people must come to know Jesus personally and fully experience the Christian life and… Continue reading Political Agendas And True Reform


Stop Getting Caught Up In The Affairs Of This Life

It is easy to get caught up in what is happening today throughout the world, especially in America. Politics, finances, wars, society and the list goes on of the loads of problems and debates that involve these topics. But we are called to be soldiers in Christ and not to get entangled in such things.… Continue reading Stop Getting Caught Up In The Affairs Of This Life


When Tears Flow Like A River

The election has come and gone and for some reason or another people are still in tears. Why? Because we have become a generation of sissies and participant award winners. My simple kind gesture, "Let it go!" Of course you all know what I'm talking about simply due to the fact that anybody and everybody… Continue reading When Tears Flow Like A River