The Reality Of God

The realer God becomes to you, the realer you become. Apart from Him means to be apart from reality itself.  -Michael Thacker


Peace Instilled By The Comforter

Peace in the heart of a person can only be instilled by the indwelling presence of the Comforter. Apart from Him, the only peace that can be found is an illusion of emotional stimulation that comes and goes with each passing moment, between every hill and valley along the way of life itself. -Michael Thacker


Seeking A Thankful, Loving And Cheerful Heart

Be thankful for all that you have for each day of resent and discontent, the more will be taken away and the less you will receive. God seeks a thankful, loving and cheerful heart that is not affected by circumstances or placement. We must love others with the love of God, praise the Lord with… Continue reading Seeking A Thankful, Loving And Cheerful Heart