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What Will The Antichrist Be Like?

Many people wonder what type of person they might expect the antichrist to be with most portraying the man to have giant horns coming from his head and to be disgusting beyond belief, and yet how much merit does this hold according to what is describe in scripture? We read that Satan is an angel… Continue reading What Will The Antichrist Be Like?

End Time Update

End Time Update: The Rapture

Will the rapture occur prior to or following the tribulation? Check out the video to better understand the possible placement of the rapture. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfswqCeX3lU -Michael Thacker Help Support This Blog

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End Time Update: No Borders. No Nations

We are seeing a rapid transformation of the world structure itself as the UN grows stronger, liberals riot and protest for a one world society, and the financial crisis of the world all mark the evidence of the arrival of the beast and the antichrist. We are entering into the last days as we will… Continue reading End Time Update: No Borders. No Nations