The Pursuit Of Peace

Peace is often obtained, not in the pleasant pursuit of agreeableness, but in the active contentions of the individual, whether inside themselves, or out in the existing culture. And this is a physical representation of the mythological hero; be the hero. -Michael Thacker

Transforming Potential In Something Of Value

There is immense potential lying within the unknown, and you have the ability instilled within you to transform that potential into something of immense value. Just like Abraham left home and ventured into the unknown to become a great nation, so you too can leave your abode of comfort and head into the unknown to … Continue reading Transforming Potential In Something Of Value

Times In The Wilderness

We all go through times in the wilderness where chaos abounds and the way seems unclear, but during these wilderness experiences we can find growth and renewal that ultimately leads us to the forest of possibilities that lie ahead. Don’t give up, keep trekking until you find your forest. -Michael Thacker