True Growth and Prosperity

Criticism and encouragement go hand in hand. If a person provides too much criticism there will be only regression and the loss of self worth in the mind of the one being critiqued. The same applies to those that always encourage and yet never criticize for the individual who receives the continuous encouragement comes to… Continue reading True Growth and Prosperity

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The Peak Of Achievement 

Keep pushing through the pain and you will eventually reach the peak. Through the brush of despair and the rocks of stumbling, just keep moving forward because the top view is beyond your imagination. -Michael Thacker

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Live Your Dream: Do Not Follow

A new section of One Man's Journey vlog presents advice on living your dream. This episode features advice on not following others, but instead following God's call upon your life. Everyone's dreams are different and if we spend too much time asking advice and following others, we will then follow them into their own dream… Continue reading Live Your Dream: Do Not Follow

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If You Don’t Like The Channel, Then Change It

There are times in life that we find ourselves in a position, job, relationship, and so forth that we really do not like. Each day presents another day of despair and regret that only digs us further into a hole that we really want to climb out of. Many people are in this type of… Continue reading If You Don’t Like The Channel, Then Change It

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Christians Striving To Be Rich

In the gospel of Matthew chapter 6 we see Jesus speaking to His disciples different teachings that will help them live God-pleasing lives. In verse 24 He states that a disciple can not serve two masters, that one should not seek to be rich. Today this verse is pushed aside as prosperity preachers proclaim that… Continue reading Christians Striving To Be Rich

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Three Habits To Stop Right Now

We all have habits that seem to control us on a daily basis with some being good and some not so good. Habits determine our overall quality of life and direction we are headed. It is very important to choose good habits that lead you to where you are wanting to go in life, while… Continue reading Three Habits To Stop Right Now

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Foggy Morning

Good morning everyone! Today I woke up to a dense fog surrounding my house with visibility only up to a few yards. It has been this way for a few days now with no signs of clearing until at least mid-day. As I peered into the fog I began to think about how there are… Continue reading Foggy Morning