The Art Of Transformation

Only by engaging in the unknown, and facing your dragon can you experience true renewal and transformation. When we remain in our realm of comfort, we become conformed to a pattern of stagnation. The conceptualization of renewal that the apostle Paul proposed is only accomplished when we move beyond our pattern of normality, and… Continue reading The Art Of Transformation


What It Means To Be Transformed

There are plenty of variants of interpretations in regards to scripture and the Christian life with many of them being placed in the region of simplistic connotations. Simplicity works well but only in certain situations and circumstances. When trying to better understand complex issues that are tied into our complex and chaotic reality we inhabit,… Continue reading What It Means To Be Transformed


Sometimes You Just Need To Spice Things Up

I am a spice addict, or at least that is what my wife calls me. I tend to add spice to every meal, whether it be breakfast, lunch, snack or just cause. Spice seems to really enhance the flavors of all foods as it creates a bit of a bite of fire as well as… Continue reading Sometimes You Just Need To Spice Things Up