Creating Ripples In The Pond of Society and Culture

There is a great need for transformation in society and culture today, a renewal towards the good for all people that can only be found in Jesus Christ. We see many different groups pushing social reforms driven by their own self-made ideologies that they desire to force onto other people. Behind these ideologues is the… Continue reading Creating Ripples In The Pond of Society and Culture

Encouragement, self improvement

Do Not Follow

I just recently drove my sister back to Colorado Springs from our home in Fort Worth, Texas. The weather was cold on the way up with every fifty miles or so bring a drop in a degree or two. Everything was ship shape till we reach Amarillo, where a snow storm blew through the night… Continue reading Do Not Follow


God Is Greater

We use the phrase "God is greater" quite often without and outside the church, but do we completely understand it? We say, "God is greater than my problems!" And this is true, and yet He is much more than that. We say, "God is greater than my enemies!" And yes this is true also and… Continue reading God Is Greater